Basement Remodel Project

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My sisters old room, looking down the hall. SE corner of the room SW corner
Love the colors, carpet My mom painted these bows all around the room.
I cut a few bows out of the drywall to eventually frame for my sister. Ceiling fan hooking up to an outlet, not a switch, miles of chair rail, and carpet
its a hole in the wall! They did not attach the headers to the studs - they fell down when the drywall was removed.
Also - the studs were held on with spots of glue - they fell when the drywall was removed as well.
Notice the lack of insulation as well... a beautiful mess.
New hallway light - a can this time :D.  And a spot for an AC powered, battery backup Smoke Alarm - first in the house like this :D Drywall hung, mudded, and sanded.  Priming commence. SE Corner, all primed and ready for top coat.
Facing East - a window that will most likely not be used that much.  But so many new outlets... :D :D :D Mud applied, and...what's this?  No more bathroom door!  

A proper ManCave needs no bathroom door - we need more electrical outlets and wall space to put toys and movies. What used to be the door way, facing towards the room - previous owner cut into the block wall, badly, and made a doorway.

We will eventually make this bathroom a bit bigger - at least in the shower.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 26 | Back to Albums
Description: Moving back to NE, I have begun, with the aid of others, to demo and remodel the basement, room by room.
Location: Bellevue, NE

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