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Joni's Wedding Joni's Wedding
Joni married her friend and love, Steve Remely on Sept 18, 2009
52 photos
Photos of Me Photos of Me
318 photos
Random Random
3 photos
Family / Friends 5 Family / Friends 5
58 photos
Profile Pictures Profile Pictures
45 photos
Florida, Summer 2009 Florida, Summer 2009
With my brother in FL for some airforce training, sister and I decided to crash his pad and enjoy some Florida sun with him and his family for a week. Wish it could have been longer.
19 photos
Basement Remodel Project Basement Remodel Project
Moving back to NE, I have begun, with the aid of others, to demo and remodel the basement, room by room.
26 photos
Mobile Uploads Mobile Uploads
8 photos
Nature Nature
Some of these were taken driving by my cell phone, others are just nice. All are my pictures.
57 photos
Christmas/New Years 2008/2009 Christmas/New Years 2008/2009
31 photos
Vehicular Deer Season, Nov 19, 2008 Vehicular Deer Season, Nov 19, 2008
Driving home from work, at 12:04am, I began my deer season with a 3-4 point buck. I swerved, I missed a front on collision, but I most likely injured him enough to give the Coyotes something to eat that morning.
10 photos
New PC build New PC build
13 photos
Family / Friends 4 Family / Friends 4
60 photos
Friends / Family 3 Friends / Family 3
I have so many great photos - I must make a third album!
59 photos
Oct 11 trip to Wausau, WI Oct 11 trip to Wausau, WI
I took a weekend drive to Wausau, WI to see some dear friends and to do a little mountain biking in 9-Mile Forest, and Rib Mountain. These pictures were taken while there - the beauty was astounding.
61 photos
Pyro 2 Pyro 2
Containing photos at airshows and pertaining to airshows, my summer hobby with the Tora Bomb Squad.
9 photos
Pyro Pyro
As part of the Tora Bomb Squad - I get many chances to see things and participate in things that are ....wicked fun!!!! These are pictures from airshows - my summer 'hobby'. It is more work than work, but more fun that I can explain. The people in these pictures are by far the greatest bunch of family anyone could ever have.
60 photos
Apartment 2 Apartment 2
My second apartment - I miss my old closet 🙁
22 photos
Apartment Apartment
These are pictures of my first apartment
43 photos
Family/Friends 2 Family/Friends 2
These are pictures of my friends and family
60 photos
Family/Friends Family/Friends
These are pictures of me, my family, my friends, and others I call close
60 photos
Lovesac Lovesac
This is my lovesac. A chronological journey into its life.
9 photos
Albums 1 - 22 out of 22
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