Friends / Family 3

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My family (sans Dad) at my College Graduation - May 2006 Caleb...Owen.  Owen...Caleb.  Play.
May 2006 Me and my buddy
May 2006
College graduation, May 2006
My sister surprised me - she flew in from Alaska! Jeff's family - May 2006 Caleb getting a bath - May 2006
Caleb meets Grandma Oppertshauser - May 2006

I think Caleb things G-ma O tastes good! Brooke likes to play pool Dan and I after playing for gradation 1998
The best banquet date EVER Mom's graduation 2003 The best psych professor
Me and Dr. Coffield
Holding my 'older' sister Jeff and Rick at my graduation party 1999
Watching others play video games. Paul and I going to Homecoming
I think this was Freshman year of high school.

Paul had a broken hand from punching a kid in the head.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 59 | Back to Albums
Description: I have so many great photos - I must make a third album!

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