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Me and my adorable nephew Caleb (Summer 2006) Caleb in his cuteness (summer 2006) Caleb and I doing what we do best...playing and destroying  (fall 2006)
Concentration....(fall 2006) First family airshow in years! 2006 Lincoln show. My 'ride' to the 2006 Lincoln Airshow :)
Getting suited up for my flight (fall 2006) You know this is cute...and some may say "what happened", but either way, I love this pic (March 1985 (age 4)) Frustration at work (Crown College Tech Services Fall 2005)
An attempt at cool...and long hair (Spring 2005 At an airshow in Fort Worth TX - Summer 06
Yes, that is a 2lb stick of dynomite :) This is what happens when you take 1 latex glove, lots of nose-powered air, and mix it together with 2am tiredness.
Me and my sister when I was at MTSU in Spring 2003. My Nephew Caleb - passed out in my car (Fall 2007) Mom and I Fall 2007
Photos 1 - 15 out of 60 | Back to Albums
Description: These are pictures of me, my family, my friends, and others I call close
Location: All over

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